The Natural™ Furniture Polish & Protector

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The Clean Environment Co. The Natural™ Furniture Polish & Protector

A non-toxic creamy emulsion that cleans, polishes, protects and restores hard surfaces in only one application. Diamond hard sheen allows the natural beauty of the surface to shine through. This advanced product replaces: wax based polishes that can build up and yellow; synthetic protectors that artificially darken rubber and vinyl; solvent polishes that can be harmful or fatal if swallowed; and abrasive polishes that can scratch surfaces. Contains natural citrus solvents, oils and detergents plus space age polymers that protect and beautify a multitude of surfaces. Surfaces treated with this product resist resoiling and fingerprinting far longer than conventional polishes.

Multi Use:
Furniture Polish, Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish, Automotive Protector

Directions: Spray surface to be cleaned and wipe dry with paper towels or lint free cloths. Dilute only with water.

Caution: Avoid direct eye contact. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. Essentially non-toxic but can be harmful if ingested.


• Cleans, polishes, restores and protects in one application.

• Free of toxic petroleum solvents.

• Contains no VOC's.

• Exceeds all Federal and California emission standards.

• Leaves a soil resistant diamond hard shield on surfaces.

• Works on contact with minimal rubbing or buffing.

• Water based product is Non-Combustible and Non-Flammable.

• Safe for use on metal, glass, plastic, aluminum, chrome or any
surface not harmed by water.

• May be used inside or outside.

• Water dilutable for greatest economy.

• Rinsing is never needed.

• Multiple purpose.

• One product performs many tasks.

• Higher in active ingredients than virtually all other products.

• Extremely fingerprint resistant.

• Any surface not harmed by water should not be harmed by this product.

• All ingredients are biodegradable or break down into harmless substances.

• Contains pleasant smelling lime oil.

• Reduces static electricity and retards dust redeposits.

• May be used on sealed wood furniture and highly polished surfaces.

• Works on contact thus eliminating customary waiting times
for the product to work.

• Polish will not built up, haze, or turn yellow on any surface.

• 100% wax free to prevent water glass rings, smearing.

• Outstanding, brilliant gloss and shine. 100% free of potentially damaging abrasives.

• Stable emulsion requires no stirring or shaking prior to use.


Other Applications:

  • Tire & Mat Blackener
  • Dash Board Protector
  • Plexiglass & Fiberglass Polish
  • Chrome Polish
  • Restroom Divider Protector
  • Vinyl & Leather Restorer & Protector,
  • Car Polish
  • Boat Polish
  • Sealed Wood Polish
  • Shower Stall Anti-Mold & Scale Coating
  • Dust Cloth and Dust Mop Treatment
  • Vinyl Car Top Restorer
  • Formica and Marble Countertop Polish
  • CRT and TV Screen Sealer and Color Enhancer.

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