Enviro-One™ Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

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Enviro-One™ Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner 

Enviro-One™ All Purpose Cleaner has the power to fight the toughest grease and grime. The secret behind its power is the super charged colloidal micelles chemistry we use to create our soap. This means Enviro-One™ is able to stand up to the toughest jobs around your house, office or garage. Enviro-One is all natural -derived from seed bearing plants- and is biodegradable, non-toxic, and certified Kosher. Using Enviro-One™ means no more breathing in or being exposed to harsh chemicals! Spray and wipe clean, Enviro-One™ All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use on any washable surface and is food preparation safe.

Enviro-One™ contains NO triclosan, SLS / SLES, parabens, animal by-products, or harsh chemicals.

The most important thing for you to remember about Enviro-One™ Concentrate is dilute, dilute, dilute. Enviro-One™ is a colloidal micelle pure liquid soap, and is activated by water. Basically, once you add a good amount of water, you are good to go! Diluting Enviro-One™ is not an exact science. Below, you will see two printable tables of suggested dilution rates. Feel free to experiment until you find a dilution that works best for your cleaning needs.  Enviro-One™ is made to clean anything remotely washable and wipe / rinse clean with no residue.

How To Use Enviro-One™

After years of experimentation and feedback from users like you, we chosen Enviro-One™ RTU (Ready-To-Use) product line. Below are the dilution rates that we use for each bottled product. These concentrations may be a bit strong, so you may need to add water for better results. Experiment with dilution rates for your unique uses and perhaps you can save money by diluting them more.

Each label has its own directions, which are essentially spray, agitate and wipe or rinse. The thing to remember with all natural colloidal micelle cleaners like Enviro-One™ , there are three essential ingredients to their successful use:

  1. Water: considered the most important. To get you started, all of the Enviro-One™ products contain some water. Keep using these spray bottles by diluting Enviro-One™ Concentrate as indicated.
  2. Agitation: dispensing Enviro-One™ from a spray bottle is usually sufficient to agitate the colloidal micelles but from time to time you may need to scrub with your fingertips or a scrubber. However, heavy scrubbing is usually not necessary unless you can’t wait for the push and pull effect of the  hydrophilic/hydrophobic micelles to do the job for you.
  3. Time: Colloidal Micelle molecules need time to do their job. If your desired result is not accomplished immediately with the spray or agitate and wipe technique, give it a little dwell time. A little time may be anywhere from 10 or 15 seconds to a couple of hours. In some extreme and stubborn cases it may even be overnight.

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