E-Wall Cellular Phone Protection Bag XXL Sale!

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E-Wall Cellular Phone Protection Bag XXL Sale!

Fits iPhone 10 & 11


With all of the studies about the negative impacts of radiation from cell phones over the last decade a new product was developed.
This mobile phone bag was designed to help block harmful radiation and to help lessen the negative impact on your health.

E-Wall is the only mobile phone bag made of a textile fabric which almost completely shields against direct mobile phone radiation - more than 99.99%.

The exceptionally high shielding effect of this newly developed fabric has been confirmed by the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich, among others.

Negative Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation

- An increased risk of developing brain tumors, Parkinson's and Cancer
- Chronic headaches, fatigue, depression and insomnia
- Increased blood pressure
- Weakening of the Immune System
- Contraction of capillaries feeding brain cells
- Increased SAR (e.g. SAR is a measure of the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile handset)
- Negative effect on sexual desire and fertility


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