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Pranarom: Organic Cranberry Seed Virgin Plant Oil

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Cranberry Seed Virgin Plant Oil

Vaccinium macrocarpon
Pressing of Cranberry Seeds
Size: 2oz

Color and Texture: Gold. Medium to fast absorption.

Scent: Mildly tangy and sweet.

About: Well-known for its high level of antioxidants (including Vitamins E and A), Cranberry oil is especially good for soothing rough, red and irritated patches. Easily absorbable, this emollient is a great solution for the harsh effect colder months have on the skin.

Lightweight and easily absorbed, Cranberry oil has a delightfully unique scent that is both tangy and mildly fruit-like.

• Potent antioxidants with high levels of natural Vitamin E and A

• Balanced fatty acids of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9

•Helps support mature, rough, dry and blemish prone skin types

• Supports healthy hair and scalp with a natural boost of moisture and shine

•Naturally light and sweet, absorbs easily into the skin.



Omega fatty acids are the foundational building blocks of healthy cell membranes and beautiful skin. As part of a healthy diet and used topically, omega fatty acids provide a boost to vibrant health and skincare.

• There are 11 omega fatty acids and 2 of them are called ‘‘essential’’ (EFA –essential fatty acids) because the body cannot generate omega-3 or 6 on their own.

• Cranberry seed oil contains an equal balance of 3, 6 and 9 omega fatty acids to support the skin’s natural barrier and keep our skin hydrated, smooth and youthful.

• Topical applications of omega fatty acids provide benefit for glowing and healthy skin. Without these nutrients, skin may appear dry, irritated and prone to blemishes.

With its vibrant ruby color and incredible health benefits, the cranberry is well known as a super fruit. In addition, cranberry seeds can be cold-pressed to capture a golden oil with a naturally sweet aroma and big skin benefits!

•Grown and harvested from freshwater bogs in North America.

•Fast-growing fruit that provides an annual and sustainable harvest.

•Packed with nutrients and antioxidants for health and wellness.

• Cranberries were originally called “crane berries” because the unique flower shape resembles a crane.

• Native American Indians introduced early settlers to its powerful health benefits.


Sweet Sugar Scrub Exfoliate and condition your skin using this naturally light oil with a heavenly natural scent.

Combine 1 cup organic raw sugar with 1 tbls of Cranberry Seed oil. Smooth over dry, rough skin for a conditioning treatment in the shower. Helps restore dry, flaky and devitalized skin.

DIY Restorative Facial Oil

A variety of skin types can benefit from Cranberry seed oil – blemish prone, mature and combination skin types.

For a facial treatment, blend with one of these essential oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense or Helichrysum.

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