Pranarom: Precious Flower Water Hydrosols

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 Precious Flower Water Hydrosols

Gently nourishing, hydrosols imbue skin with moisture and the vitality of plants. Our new Precious Flower Water Hydrosols are distilled from fresh blossoms, resulting in delightfully scented aromatic waters that are suitable for even the most delicate skin. Non-aerosol compressed air technology preserves the vitality of the hydrosol while producing a long lasting scent.

Chamomile Precious Water Hydrosol

150ml | Sensitive, Blemish-Prone & Normal Skin

Chamomile Hydrosol calms and restores the complexion, helping to alleviate tired, puffy skin and dark circles under the eyes. Extra gentle, this hydrosol is a great option to soothe a sensitive, irritated scalp or children’s delicate skin.

Damask Rose Precious Flower Water

150ml | Dry, Mature & Normal Skin

Damask Rose Hydrosol has a toning and tightening effect, encouraging circulation and restoring radiance and vitality to the complexion. Spray directly onto skin and scalp.


Lavender Precious Flower Water

150ml | Sensitive & Delicate Skin

Lavender Hydrosol gently soothes and calms, making it ideal for delicate or irritated skin, minor burns and after-sun care. Spray directly onto skin or scalp.


Neroli Precious Flower Water

150ml | Dull, Tired & Stressed Skin

Neroli hydrosol has an uplifting, revitalizing effect on skin, smoothing out tension, relaxing muscles and restoring a healthy glow. Spray directly on skin and scalp.

Rosemary Precious Water Hydrosol

150ml | Oily, Blemish-Prone & Normal Skin

Rosemary Hydrosol gently purifies blemish-prone skin while tightening pores and toning the complexion’s overall appearance. Use Rosemary to balance an oily scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Tea Tree Precious Water Hydrosol

150ml | Oily, Blemish-Prone & Normal Skin

Tea Tree Hydrosol balances and cleanses the skin, making it ideal for blemish-prone or oily skin types. Apply around and under nails on the hands and feet to keep them clean and fresh. Apply to the scalp to counteract flakiness.



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