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HaraPad Laptop Radiation Shield

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HaraPad Laptop Radiation Shield

Made of real wood (walnut) allowing for a natural, organic approach to laptop radiation shielding.

The laptop HARApad is a rigid EMF protection product that uses perfectly safe, military-grade electromagnetic radiation (EMR) shielding. This laptop radiation shield helps protect you from ALL types of EMF and EMR when placed underneath your laptop. The HARApad laptop radiation shield also helps protect from heat.

It is available in 4 different sizes to match any size laptop you may have.


The 13″ product is 9.25″ in depth, 13.25″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

The 15″ product is 11″ in depth, 14.5″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

The 17″ product is 11″ in depth, 15.5″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

The 25″ LapDesk* product is 11″ in depth, 22″ in width, and 0.25″ in thickness

*The 25″ LapDesk version is over-sized to allow for the convenient use of a mouse, notepad, cup of coffee, etc. while you are using your computer.

This product may also be used over top of the laptop’s keyboard to help prevent bodily exposure in that direction, but an external keyboard (or other solution) must be used to retain the typing ability.

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