Rainshower: CQ-1000 Replacement Filter

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Easy install “pop-in” cartridges Last 6-9 months

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Rainshower: Replaceable Cartridge for the CQ-1000


Easy install “pop-in” cartridges Last 6-9 months

You deserve healthier water in every aspect of your daily life, not just the drinking water. The Rainshower CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter provides a long lasting solution to the problems associated with exposure to excessive amounts of chlorine. Its specially-formulated KDF®-55 filter media effectively removes 90% or more of chlorine from shower water. Once in contact with the KDF®-55, chlorine in the water converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble chloride.

The CQ-1000 has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association and meets NSF Standard 177 for Reduction of Free Chlorine.

Features & Specs

STAGE 1: Polyester Pre-Filter

Traps particulate matter that would otherwise mix with the medias and reduce their effectiveness.


This stage destabilizes the free chlorine and turns it into a harmless chloride.

STAGE 3: Crystal Quartez

This stage “energize” the water by reducing the water’s surface tension giving the water a “lighter” feel.

Handheld Configurations


Replaceable Cartridge for the CQ-1000



Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 3.25 × 2.5 in