Nature’s Carpet: 100% Natural Wool Carpet

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Product Details

Nature’s Carpet: 100% Wool Carpet

• Durable and long-lasting

• Soft and comfortable

• Excellent sound absorption and insulation

• Filters allergens and dust

• Low toxicity

• Made of wool – a rapidly renewable resource

• Compliant with international certifications: GUT (Europe) Green Star (Australia & New Zealand), LEED (North America)


Nature’s Carpet Collection developed the Green Spectrum to clarify the varying degrees of our eco-friendly flooring. The “Dark Green” products are the most natural and environmentally friendly, featuring undyed and chemical free wool, as well as natural backings and adhesives.


Dark Green

• 100% undyed wool pile

• No chemical additives

• No insecticides

• Natural jute secondary backing

• Natural latex adhesive

• Biodegradable

• Low-VOC emissions (certified)