MetaMask: Children’s Mask Sale!

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Kids Air Pollution Masks available in 3 styles and 2 sizes, Stars, Palms and Flowers.

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MetaMask: Children’s Mask SALE!

50% off- NOW $15

Air Pollution Mask for kids – Metamask Air Pollution Mask for Children. Kids Air Pollution Masks available in 3 styles and 2 sizes, Stars, Palms and Flowers. Colorful designs children love to wear.

The presence of chemicals in the air causes air pollution, which can cause dangerous medical conditions in humans and especially of young children and everyone with chemical sensitivity.

Small size perfect for kids 3 to 6 of age.
Medium size for kids 6 to 9 of age.


Lifestyle fashionable face mask powered by Nano-Coco-Carbon-matrix filter this anti pollution mask delivers a full 99.99% protection from pollutants. From clean New Zealand come the REVOlution in filter technology. Exceptional breathability with Italian style. Sustainably made in Bali by skilled seamstresses. Featuring Nano filter from NZ-based Revolution Fibres, world leader in nano technology. Kiwi innovation, Italian design and skilful assembly in Bali make MetaMask the best anti pollution mask for stylish protection in harsh or polluted urban conditions.
World’s First Organic + Nano filter Air Pollution FaceMask offers 99.99% protection with 110% style..

* highly breathable under all conditions
* adjustable nose clip & non latex ear loop
* 100% protection against all types of pollution
* super-cool looking
* optimal wearing comfort
* highest quality manufacturing

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 5 in

Stars, Flowers, Palms


Small, Medium