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Earth Weave starts by using only pure wool. We apply no dyesNew Catskill - OrganoSoftColors product has organic dye), pesticides, or stain protections that are commonly used by the other wool carpet manufacturers. The application of these chemicals would greatly affect indoor air quality through the off gassing of volatile organic compounds.

Founded in 1996, Earth Weave was the first carpet manufacturer in the United States to introduce a running line product that incorporates only 100% natural materials.

Our Bio-Floor™ carpet is completely different than any of the other wool carpets made today that are full of claims to be eco-friendly and natural. Those products are full of synthetic chemicals whether it is the non-organic face yarn dyes, mothproofing, stain protection and/or in the synthetic styrene butadiene adhesive backing. Chemicals are not healthy. Earth Weave knows this and now you do too!

How soft are our carpets?
Our carpets are constructed using the highest quality wool available. This provides not only an extremely durable product but a luxuriously soft one as well. Our carpets are not coarse like many of the other natural face fiber products such as sisal, sea grass, coir and jute. The low cost, entry level wool carpet and wool carpet blends found in the marketplace are made from lesser quality wool and those just don't offer the softness or durability our customers demand. Many times our products are used in nurseries because of the softness.