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  • Certified organic mattresses, bedding, pillows, towels and robes We have a full line of organic mattresses, snuggly soft bedding, towels, robes, pajamas, pet beds and much more.

Our Services

Our Philosophy

Carpet has the ability to trap and hold airborne household volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), as well as chemicals and debris tracked in on your shoes from outside. This is known as the “sink” effect. Eventually, these chemicals become a hazardous part of the house dust with particles from the carpet fibers themselves.

A series of EPA studies have shown that chemically contaminated carpet dust can be a significant source of chemical exposure for infants, toddlers, seniors and family pets. Not only are they susceptible to the unhealthy affects of low-level exposure to chemicals, toddlers also tend to be exposed to a higher level of chemicals from carpet dust because they frequently put their hands in their mouths as they explore the world around them.

Studies also show that semi-VOC’s, like flame retardants, will end up in fine particle form and be a part of the dust in your carpets. Those chemicals are highly toxic to pets and children who are at a closer proximity to the floor.

A well-maintained and clean carpet can help eliminate these pollutants and minimize chronic sinus and allergic health concerns of you and your family, while at the same time extending the life of your carpet.

Carpet and upholstery cleaners are a dime a dozen. But what makes us unique is that when we finish a job, it must not only look good, it must also help you to breathe easier.

Why should I clean my carpet the organic way?

Most carpet cleaning in conducted for the sake of improving the appearance of the carpet. We define “clean” not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of hygiene, safety and benefits to indoor air quality! We believe in source removal. By using truck mounted equipment, we can remove the contaminants from your home as opposed to other methods that just buff the top carpet fibers.

The detergent we use is made with the following ingredients: purified water, coconut oil and other fatty acids derived from edible, seed bearing plants and trees, plant based alcohol and baking soda. Many of our chemical sensitive clients use this same detergent as a body wash.

We have been cleaning carpets for over 30 years and consider ourselves the pioneers of organic carpet cleaning.

Organic Living provides the following services:

Non Toxic carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpeting is a Major Contributor to Poor Indoor Air Quality
Carpet has the ability to trap and hold airborne household volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as chemicals and debris tracked in on your shoes from outside. This is known as the "sink effect." Eventually these chemicals become a hazardous part of house dust along with particles from the carpet fibers themselves. Read More

Automobile Cleaning

We clean automobile interiors, including upholstery and leather. Truck mounted steam cleaning provides powerful extraction to remove dirt and debris from upholstery, while leather interiors are treated with non-toxic, safe leather cleaner/protector to restore moisture and shine. Read More

grout cleaning

Same truck mounted steam cleaning power used for carpet cleaning. Powerful oxygenated cleaner removes stubborn dirt and grime from your grout. Read More

ozone treatment

Ozone gas is a powerful oxidizer and is a fantastic way to remove smoke odors, from fire damage to cigarette smoke. By using a commercial ozone machine, we are able to get rid of odors caused by smoke in homes, offices, automobiles, etc. Read More

new carpet outgassing

This two day process includes steam cleaning your carpet, applying one coat of sealer while the carpet is wet (to seal the backing) and one coat of sealer, the next day, when the carpet is dry (to seal the top fibers). All products used are non-toxic and are designed to seal in the harmful outgassing of new carpets. Read More