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Healthy Baby

Baby PictureHaving healthy baby is a top prority in a parent's life

It's very important to protect your little ones from the dangerous and damaging effects of toxic chemicals. Babies, especially newborns have immature immune systems that do not have the ability to detoxify the effects of dangerous and toxic chemicals, such as adults do.

 Babies are especially vulnerable to chemicals that are found in everyday products in the home. As a result they may begin to suffer from asthma, allergies, behavioral disorders, rashes, chemical sensitivities, learning disorders, cancer and more.

Natural Organic Crib Mattresses

Many parents eagerly welcome their new babies into their lives by creating a beautiful new nursery for them. They fill the nursery with things such as a new crib, mattress, bedding, new paint and carpeting. Unknowingly they are exposing their children to a wide variety of items that are all most likely emitting some type of toxic fumes.

 All of these items combined, add up to a toxic chemical soup that your baby will be sleeping in each day. On average, a newborn sleeps between 15 and 17 hours a day, and a toddler normally sleeps around 12 hours per day. This is a very important reason to make your baby's nursery as non-toxic as possible.

 Conventional mattresses have been found to contain fire-retardants, dyes and polyester coverings. Choosing the safest products for your baby provide them with the healthiest head start in life.

Some top ways to keep your baby safer

Baby Picture

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