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Through many years of research and study, our founder Mr. Windstein discovered many factors which contribute to poor indoor air quality: toxic gases, dust, mold, bacteria and smoke are just a few on the list of contributors poisoning our indoor environments. Mr. Windstein was further amazed to find out how many people have been affected by poor indoor air quality; especially those with allergies and asthma.

Through customer response and demand for non-toxic solutions, and the knowledge that Mr. Windstein had acquired, Organic Living and the "Healthy Home Concept" was established.

We've been working hard ever since this time to provide the healthiest products and services to our clients. We're always here to help provide friendly, helpful information and to help you find a non-toxic solution to whatever home or health issue you may be facing.

Non-toxic solutions

We research and source the most non-toxic products around to ensure that you can clean, take care of your family and renovate your home in the greenest, healthiest most non-toxic ways.